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Stewardship, Study, & Service Survey



To help with 2021 budgeting, please tell us how much youplan to tithe in 2021?


Will you attend the in-person 4-week Acts Bible Study Wed. Sept 2, 9, 16 &23 at 10am?


If not, please select which time and day each week you would like to attend, if any


If you are young adult, do you plan to attend The Movement, which will meet every other Sunday at 5pm starting Sept 13? 

(Nursery and Childcare provided)


If you cannot attend because of the day and time, what other day and time would work?

Please email with any other studies you would like to have and what days of the week and times you prefer.



Thanks for submitting this form and for your service.

Do you reaffirm your vows as a member of St. Luke United Methodist Church by your prayers, your presence, your gifts, and your service?

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