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Job Description for Nursery Assistant

St. Luke United Methodist Church

606 Santa Fe Pike

Columbia, TN 38401




The Nursery Assistant works under the supervision of the Staff Relations Committee, including the pastor, and cares for children under the age of 5 in the nursery.


Classification Part-time position, approximately 3-5 hours per week. Pay: $15.50/hr


Working Condition

• Work in the church nursery Sundays 930 am-12 pm.

• If available, you may have the option to work The Movement from 5p-7p Sundays, when in session.


Education and Experience

• Must have verifiable professional experience in the supervision of infants and toddlers.



• Must be a Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ.

• Must take and pass bi-annual background checks.

• Must understand, or be willing to learn and adhere to United Methodist Safe Sanctuary policies and procedures.

• Must exemplify strong moral character and godliness in conduct at all times including on social media platforms.

• Competent in decision-making and interpersonal relationships.

• Ability to work well with parents, volunteers, church staff, and children

• Strong problem-solving skills and ability to handle stress.


Duties and Responsibilities

• Follow Nursery Handbook guidelines.

• Ensure children are kept safe, clean, and dry.

• Ensure children are supervised at all times while in the nursery.

• Change diapers at least once per hour and ensure children are changed prior to exiting.

• Provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for every child.

• Help clean and sanitize toys and nursery furniture each week.


Work Relationships


• Accountable to and evaluated by the Pastor and/or Staff Relations Chairperson.

• Maintains good working relationships with the Church staff and parents.

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