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Classes/Small Groups

"In all things show them how to live by your life and by right teaching."  (Titus 2:7)


Adult Classes

Way of the Cross         Sundays@9:45 A.M.        Basement-FellowshipHall

Friendship Class          Sundays@9:45 A.M.        Upstairs - Conf. Room

Adult #1                        Sundays@9:45 A.M.        Upstairs - S.S. Room

Children & Youth

Youth (Teens)                              Sundays@9:45                            Basement Class Room

Elementary                                  Sundays@9:45                            Basement Class Room

Worship Quest (childrens' church)  11 A.M.  (2nd & 4th Sundays) Basement Fellowship Hall     

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Small Groups

Faith Circle                     2nd Tuesdays            6 P.M

(Faith Circle is a Women's Fellowship Group)

Prayer Shawl Ministry     3rd Fridays              9 A.M.

(Women's Group that loves to knit gifts for those they honor)

The Movement 

Activities for Youth and Teens

Sundays @5  p.m.                 

Feb. 4th, & 18th

March 3rd & 17th

April 7th & 21st

May 5th

(Dinner is provided_

Contact Amy Gardner for Info

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Easter ConcertMarch 24th4 p.m

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